Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Brothers...

These are my two little brothers...Matt and Josh...they look so cute and innocent in these pictures but thats because the camera lady made it that way...oh boy but at home, they are little monsters, one day i was tending them while my mom and dad went to the temple (they said they were going to be home around 9:30-10:00) they were being well not so good..then they dissappeared for 10 min and i had no idea where they went and it was so quiet..ten all of a sudden i walk in the pantry and they had dumped out all of the powder chocolte milk maker and they had a little pile of it on the ground...and not to mention they were eating the peanutbutter with their hand and dipping it into the chocotate milk...i guess they were having a war too, bear had it all over his face and josh had it everywhere in his hair. And that was the last time I am ever going to babysit again...oh ya and my partents got home at 11:30!!

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